Kingdom Wealth Transfer

Gen. 22: 17-18

Abraham was minding his business when God came to test him. Abraham must have positioned himself strategically to a great extent that out of all the inhabitants of the land, it was him that God paid a visit. I pray that in this season, God will pay you a visit. However, the visit wasn’t just an easy one but the one that would test his faith in God. When trials come, the first thing we often remember or focus on is the devil. However, many tests are meant for our promotion.

So God told Abraham to take his son, his only son whom he loved to a place He (God) would show him, not just any place. So, God selected the type of test, the place of testing and the object of the test. Without much ado, Abraham obeyed God and went on his journey with his only son, two servants and the materials for sacrifice. Each time a destiny promotion is coming, it will always demand your obedience, sacrifice and your comfort.

After Abraham had obeyed God to sacrifice his son, God showed up with a replacement plan, a generational blessing for him and a future redemption plan. What a great God we serve.

As we enter into the season of Kingdom Wealth Transfer, look at tests as God’s method of kingdom transfer wealth to you and your posterity. Abraham became very Wealth in all areas, which in turn was transferred to his son Isaac and then Jacob. The blessing was progressive for his children. The true children of Abraham are still enjoying this one day obedience but eternal blessing till today. To cap it all, we as believers in Christ are blessed through a more accepted obedience of Christ on the Cross of Calvary. What a Mighty God we serve. Enjoy this season and you will live to share the testimony in Jesus’ name.

Welcome to your month of Kingdom Wealth Transfer.

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